5 Disney Original Movies I Secretly Love

My mom always complains Netflix doesn't have a great selection and sometimes I agree. But I've noticed it has a lot of Disney movies; some I grew up watching, some a few years old, and ones so new I've never heard of them. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like half of the selection. Plus there are a lot of doppelgangers in the Disney world.



The Super Bowl is an American tradition, but let's face it, most of us only watch for the commercials. There was one spot I wasn't expecting to see and I have so many questions.

New Year, New Seasons (and Some Old Ones Too)

For the past three and half years I was in college and didn't have much time to watch TV on a daily basis. Actually I would use that time to watch YouTube on a daily basis. But now that I have graduated,  I realize there are a lot of shows I used to love I … Continue reading New Year, New Seasons (and Some Old Ones Too)

I stay awake for.. (the series pt. 2!)

(Dad is prolly like: watch narcos watch narcos watch narcos) Hello any lovely mouse that clicked by! Do you stay awake until ungodly times of the night and wonder how and what brought you to 4AM when you felt like you just came home from class? Where did the day go? WHAT YEAR IS IT? It's currently … Continue reading I stay awake for.. (the series pt. 2!)