Internet Poem

Aren't you tired from politics and bullshit on your Facebook feed? What happened to the simple viral videos of animal friends? Instead we should post statuses of song lyrics that make us emo. Mark Zuckerberg should make Facebook great again pls America? No. Because maybe it's the internet with problems. Just forget real facts. We share … Continue reading Internet Poem

Charlie, Charlie, I’ve Got Your Number/867-5-Demon Time

The internet has unearthed a new way for idle hands to grab a pencil and paper - but it's not what you think. The #CharlieCharlieChallenge is an attempt to summon a Mexican demon, Charlie and post your experience with the supernatural on social media. Have you tried it?To set the game, grab a piece of … Continue reading Charlie, Charlie, I’ve Got Your Number/867-5-Demon Time


The things I find myself doing when I procrastinate: Planning my entire month on Google Calendar from classes, study sessions, to when I should brush my teeth and potty breaks. Adding stations and using skips on Pandora. (Recently) Looking at the remaining Black Friday deals. Singing out loud and pretending I'm in a music video … Continue reading List-crastinating