On the Bookshelf

It's a new year and I, like many people, are going to try to stay true to their New Year's Resolutions. So, when I'm not in the library with my new study buddies or at Cane's with my besties, I'll be reading.In my possession, but haven't gotten around to reading:The Shade of the Moon--Susan Beth … Continue reading On the Bookshelf


From My Queen Sized Bed

I left VCU today at 9:00 PM with my meal plan gone and used and my room pretty bare since I took practically everything home.Now I'm sitting on my bed, Olive on my right, Kik Messenger on my left, and my Toshiba on my lap listening to Parachute and talking to friends about break plans. It's … Continue reading From My Queen Sized Bed

It’s Never to Late to Pickup Where I Left Off..

In five days, I will have fully been a VCU student for five months. It's December and it's the last few days of Finals. Monday I face my Math 141 final exam at 1 PM and have learned that I cannot, in no way possible, receive an A in the course, which blows. But to … Continue reading It’s Never to Late to Pickup Where I Left Off..

6; First Day?! No way.

So far my day has started out like any other. I wake up. But what was the different was the room. My roommates were gone, beds made. That was a major signal that classes have started. But today I had only one class so I could sleep in later than usual. Which was nice. I … Continue reading 6; First Day?! No way.

3; Mommy Monday

After my family abandoned me a couple days ago, I was excited to see Monday had rolled around. You might ask "Monday? Why that? Mondays suck." Well, you silly goose, my mom spent the day with me. It literally was a Mommy Monday.Mom and I had started our day with Einstein Bagels; chocolate chip for … Continue reading 3; Mommy Monday


Today was move in day. We arrived at VCU at 9:08 and the line was expectantly long. The amount of luggage people brought was expectantly large. The only thing that wasn't expectant was the cramped Triple I claim as my dorm. My bed is closest to the two windows, which is good. I get an … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

College Bound

I'm packing for college. It's weird and bittersweet and just plain weird. My bags are on my bed among with eight plastic coat hangers, shower caddy, a phone charger and towels. I don't know what else to take, so if anyone has any advice, now would be the time for that. c: I won't be … Continue reading College Bound