update + my favorite viral video

Hello, I'm actually awake, good morning to you. I've updated the site and share my current obsession.


A Secret to Put You to Sleep (I stay awake for..pt.3)

Do you stay awake until ungodly times of the night and wonder how and what brought you to 4AM when you felt like you just came home from class? Where did the day go? WHAT YEAR IS IT? It's currently 1:49 AM and I have a secret. I've never told anyone this because I thought they would … Continue reading A Secret to Put You to Sleep (I stay awake for..pt.3)

30 Reasons Why Phil Lester is Amazing

Before a couple of years ago, I would only watch YouTube for music videos, karaoke and old cartoon theme songs. But for a little more than a year now, I've subscribed to a British guy who is hands down one of my favorite YouTubers. It's his birthday today and here's why you should subscribe.


Hello! After what it feels like five years since I uploaded (it's been a little over a month) I have a new video on my YouTube channel (in the big text below.) If you don't know what Vlogtober is, it's typically a person would vlog every day of October. But since I am a college … Continue reading I WENT TO A PUMPKIN PATCH