Looking at the events that were scheduled for today, I set my alarm for 7:30 last night. But when I woke up and checked my phone it was 8:00. Sleepy Sam must have turned it the alarm off in a sleep haze and forgot to warn Sam with Plans today that they put the phone … Continue reading 5;



I did not have Internet connection Sunday (the second day of college). If I did, you'd be reading my third day of college right now. And because I didn't have Internet all day today, I kind of forgot what happened yesterday. I remember we had a floor meeting. It was kind of funny. One side of … Continue reading 2:


Today was move in day. We arrived at VCU at 9:08 and the line was expectantly long. The amount of luggage people brought was expectantly large. The only thing that wasn't expectant was the cramped Triple I claim as my dorm. My bed is closest to the two windows, which is good. I get an … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes