6; First Day?! No way.

So far my day has started out like any other. I wake up. But what was the different was the room. My roommates were gone, beds made. That was a major signal that classes have started. But today I had only one class so I could sleep in later than usual. Which was nice. I … Continue reading 6; First Day?! No way.



Looking at the events that were scheduled for today, I set my alarm for 7:30 last night. But when I woke up and checked my phone it was 8:00. Sleepy Sam must have turned it the alarm off in a sleep haze and forgot to warn Sam with Plans today that they put the phone … Continue reading 5;

4; RAMified

This Tuesday excursion was brought to you by Wells Fargo, the place where I'll be paying the student bills.This morning I went to the gym. I "ran" a mile on the treadmill, had trouble with my locker as always, and investigated the ladies locker room.I went into my room after the gym. It was about … Continue reading 4; RAMified