It’s Never to Late to Pickup Where I Left Off..

In five days, I will have fully been a VCU student for five months. It's December and it's the last few days of Finals. Monday I face my Math 141 final exam at 1 PM and have learned that I cannot, in no way possible, receive an A in the course, which blows. But to … Continue reading It’s Never to Late to Pickup Where I Left Off..


6; First Day?! No way.

So far my day has started out like any other. I wake up. But what was the different was the room. My roommates were gone, beds made. That was a major signal that classes have started. But today I had only one class so I could sleep in later than usual. Which was nice. I … Continue reading 6; First Day?! No way.


Today was move in day. We arrived at VCU at 9:08 and the line was expectantly long. The amount of luggage people brought was expectantly large. The only thing that wasn't expectant was the cramped Triple I claim as my dorm. My bed is closest to the two windows, which is good. I get an … Continue reading Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes