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A new start.


On The Bookshelf: June

Is it almost August already? About two months ago I wrote May's OTB. In it, I created a goal for June - to read five books. Unfortunately, due to work, forgetfulness and the overall binge on TV shows, I failed to complete the hefty goal. However, I did complete one book and it was a … Continue reading On The Bookshelf: June

On The Bookshelf: May

So how about those New Years Resolutions? Have you completed or even tried starting them? Last year one of my resolutions was to read and enjoy books more. There are all sorts of great books in my closet and now a year has passed and I never read a single book I wasn't required to. … Continue reading On The Bookshelf: May

On the Bookshelf

It's a new year and I, like many people, are going to try to stay true to their New Year's Resolutions. So, when I'm not in the library with my new study buddies or at Cane's with my besties, I'll be reading.In my possession, but haven't gotten around to reading:The Shade of the Moon--Susan Beth … Continue reading On the Bookshelf