Skeleton in the Closet

I feel like I'm being haunted by my ex. He isn't dead but our relationship sure is. I ended it so quickly it was like getting your shots. You know what's about to happen yet you go through with it because despite the pain you're going to feel, it's best in the long run to … Continue reading Skeleton in the Closet


For Dad and Daughter

Tonight was the last night of RVA on Ice's (fifth?) season. My dad spent his last ten or so hours at the rink, maintaining the atmosphere and tending to the ice. Compared to what he has to do, my job is cake, but it has it's difficulties, just like any other job. I really appreciate … Continue reading For Dad and Daughter

3; Mommy Monday

After my family abandoned me a couple days ago, I was excited to see Monday had rolled around. You might ask "Monday? Why that? Mondays suck." Well, you silly goose, my mom spent the day with me. It literally was a Mommy Monday.Mom and I had started our day with Einstein Bagels; chocolate chip for … Continue reading 3; Mommy Monday