Hello, you lovely bloggers! Come eavesdrop on my best friend and I's conversation around campus. It's totally cringy and I laugh at it the whole time. It's been a week since I uploaded a video to YouTube so I though it was necessary to update the channel, so you all know I'm sUPER SERIOUS about this.


From My Queen Sized Bed; Part deux

Hello world and all who inhabit it - I have returned to the blogosphere. Spring 2015 classes are over which means final exams have been taken and summer has begun. I ended the semester with all As and one B, and I'm pretty stoked. My family picked me up May 7th and I've been home … Continue reading From My Queen Sized Bed; Part deux

Don’t Remember December

December is full of anticipation, fear, studiousness and hard work. This is the last week of classes and that means that finals are the week after. F-I-N-A-L-S. E-X-A-M-S. O-M-G. I'm frightened. One class is calling for a six to eight page paper about the history of technology and then I have three other exams (History, … Continue reading Don’t Remember December

I spy..

I like looking around my room at night for inspiration for my next blog. FreshmanFeat isn't only about my school life which is only a part of this blog. FreshmanFeat / SeekingSophomore is just about me and it's sole purpose is for reflection and memories. Tonight in my room I spy an illustration of 20+ apples … Continue reading I spy..

6; First Day?! No way.

So far my day has started out like any other. I wake up. But what was the different was the room. My roommates were gone, beds made. That was a major signal that classes have started. But today I had only one class so I could sleep in later than usual. Which was nice. I … Continue reading 6; First Day?! No way.

3; Mommy Monday

After my family abandoned me a couple days ago, I was excited to see Monday had rolled around. You might ask "Monday? Why that? Mondays suck." Well, you silly goose, my mom spent the day with me. It literally was a Mommy Monday.Mom and I had started our day with Einstein Bagels; chocolate chip for … Continue reading 3; Mommy Monday