The Time I Went to Whole Foods and Was Completely and Utterly Lost

Here's a story about a girl who went to a store she's never been, to find a food she's never eaten. This is 100% real and 100% awkward.


For Fit Sake!

Who knew losing weight was this hard? I'm positive stress eating Girl Scout cookies due to the political BS isn't helping. The big vacation is in six months. Find out what my goals are for this month on my body beautification journey.

Not Sure If I’m Vegetarian-ing Right

Hello to the lovely biscuit who stumbled by this blog post! It's a quarter past 11 as I am writing this. Earlier I ate a microwaved sweet potato and my stomach has been growling for the last 19 minutes. I've been lacto-ovo for six days, eating my way through classes with eggs, cheese, yogurt and broccoli. … Continue reading Not Sure If I’m Vegetarian-ing Right