My Workout Playlist to Cure A Motivation Meltdown

Watching an episode of Parks and Rec while on the treadmill isn't enough these days.. I'm having a motivation meltdown and make a playlist to get me out of my slump.


For Fit Sake!

Who knew losing weight was this hard? I'm positive stress eating Girl Scout cookies due to the political BS isn't helping. The big vacation is in six months. Find out what my goals are for this month on my body beautification journey.

The Year of Big Leaps and Small Steps

Yesterday I set some simple goals for myself to start the new year: email a few resumes, help my family strip our house of Christmas decorations, and reach 10k  steps on my Fitbit. And I hit all of them! I don't exactly have a new year's resolution as of right now. I do know I … Continue reading The Year of Big Leaps and Small Steps

From an Argument Far, Far Away

yes, . The last night of 2015 was spent with my mom, sister and best friend T. We ate finger food snacks and not enough cookies. We played dance and karaoke games on the Wii. When all of the clocks on the east coast hit 12, we went outside banging pots and lids, creating a percussion … Continue reading From an Argument Far, Far Away

On The Bookshelf: May

So how about those New Years Resolutions? Have you completed or even tried starting them? Last year one of my resolutions was to read and enjoy books more. There are all sorts of great books in my closet and now a year has passed and I never read a single book I wasn't required to. … Continue reading On The Bookshelf: May

On the Bookshelf

It's a new year and I, like many people, are going to try to stay true to their New Year's Resolutions. So, when I'm not in the library with my new study buddies or at Cane's with my besties, I'll be reading.In my possession, but haven't gotten around to reading:The Shade of the Moon--Susan Beth … Continue reading On the Bookshelf