Signs You Know When Your Roommates Are Back From Break

-smell of veggie stir fry from the kitchen -the theme song of the show they are currently bingewatching on netflix -the sound of the shower turning on -silverware that was on the counter the night before is now gone -a new toilet paper roll is on the holder -hip hop music filling the room -the … Continue reading Signs You Know When Your Roommates Are Back From Break


Jovial Junior – Come and Gone

Hello from a jovial junior. Well I haven't posted in over 70 days. Time to give an update before I dive into 2016. I  remember how I wanted to blog every day but as per usual I had school work and my semester was busy. #RECAP The spring semester consisted of classes I can't really remember and one … Continue reading Jovial Junior – Come and Gone

On The Bookshelf: May

So how about those New Years Resolutions? Have you completed or even tried starting them? Last year one of my resolutions was to read and enjoy books more. There are all sorts of great books in my closet and now a year has passed and I never read a single book I wasn't required to. … Continue reading On The Bookshelf: May

In Need of Pancakes

It's an odd feeling when you realize the past few days have just blended together. I wake up at 10 am on average, sometimes at 8 am or 12 pm. But I know there are more things I could be doing with my life. Granted I'm at home without a car or license, so I … Continue reading In Need of Pancakes

More Pancakes Please

Today I woke up to fresh homemade chocolate chip pancakes from my mom around 6:30 AM. I thought I would fall asleep right after devouring the flapjacks, but instead I watched Drake & Josh. I thought I would knock out after the commercials started rolling, but instead I pulled my laptop out and went on … Continue reading More Pancakes Please

School for Sash, Day of Play for Sammay

Today felt like any other day when you're on winter break. I was snuggled in on the couch with my Sailor Moon blanket playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and watching The Walking Dead. I managed to almost watch two whole seasons in 24 hours - it was the biggest achievement of the day. Plus, I caught … Continue reading School for Sash, Day of Play for Sammay