The Rise and Fall of Blogdom

Last spring, I thought my laptop finally croaked after several attempts of turning it on only to shut off in a few seconds. It has gone through three batteries, two surgeries, and one hell of a time as my first laptop. Toshiba has gone through three and a half years of college and over a … Continue reading The Rise and Fall of Blogdom


I don’t know about you..

Hi, friends. This is a small update blurb to say I will be back to tell you all what I am currently obsessed with, what TV shows I love to hate, and where this graduated gal has been. But as I write this at 12:46 AM EST, I yawn and blink my eyes. I am … Continue reading I don’t know about you..

Sam’s February Jams

During my senior year at VCU, I became a DJ. Although those days are over, my love for music isn't. If you're interested in learning what songs got stuck in my head for February or if you want some fresh finds, this is the blog post for you!

The Time I Went to Whole Foods and Was Completely and Utterly Lost

Here's a story about a girl who went to a store she's never been, to find a food she's never eaten. This is 100% real and 100% awkward.

My Workout Playlist to Cure A Motivation Meltdown

Watching an episode of Parks and Rec while on the treadmill isn't enough these days.. I'm having a motivation meltdown and make a playlist to get me out of my slump.

5 Disney Original Movies I Secretly Love

My mom always complains Netflix doesn't have a great selection and sometimes I agree. But I've noticed it has a lot of Disney movies; some I grew up watching, some a few years old, and ones so new I've never heard of them. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like half of the selection. Plus there are a lot of doppelgangers in the Disney world.