Jovial Junior – Come and Gone

Hello from a jovial junior. Well I haven't posted in over 70 days. Time to give an update before I dive into 2016. I  remember how I wanted to blog every day but as per usual I had school work and my semester was busy. #RECAP The spring semester consisted of classes I can't really remember and one … Continue reading Jovial Junior – Come and Gone

The Three B’s

After a week of wallowing in the past, I can only look forward to the weekend and the new semester, which both start in a few days. I'm having a girls night with my BFF Taylor while we root for our favorite local band Perfect Slight composed of Taylor's brother's best friends. Taylor and I … Continue reading The Three B’s

‘LIKE’ Phi Sigma Pi – Alpha Sigma Chapter on Facebook

Just a quick little blurb of a post today. Sunday night I was given the honor of being Phi Sigma Pi's Webmaster - advising, admining and advertising PSP's social media- for the spring semester. As *almost* Webmaster, I'd like to get our Facebook page to 500 likes. Click the link at the bottom of the … Continue reading ‘LIKE’ Phi Sigma Pi – Alpha Sigma Chapter on Facebook

Bring on the Brothers

Well WordPress, it's been a hell of a sophomore semester. Things have definitely changed since my last post. I am a free woman as of a week and a half ago. I was in a toxic, manipulative relationship where I decided the things that I had to endure were just stupid instances that I just didn't need … Continue reading Bring on the Brothers