The Super Bowl is an American tradition, but let’s be honest, the main attraction is the half time show, the snacks (which were a touchdown by Mom), and the commercials. Super Bowl Sunday is the only time my dad won’t change the channel when a program breaks for commercial. There were a lot of spots suggesting diversity, women’s rights and one featured a stand against Trump’s immigration ban. But the best commercial was the Stranger Things 2 teaser, which I wasn’t expecting at all from what seemed to be an Eggo commercial.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here is the trailer. If you like any 80s adventure/scifi movie with children, you’ll probably like Stranger Things.

Initial reaction once I realized it wasn’t for the breakfast food icon.
Me in a nutshell.

The teaser gave me so much life; I was falling asleep after eating so many snacks so this woke me up real good. My mind was racing like Kevin McCallister and I missed the release date. After I took a few deep breaths, I looked up the premiere date, thinking it couldn’t be far away. I was wrong.

Or Halloween.

I have to wait until OCTOBER to see whatever the heck this War of the Worlds looking mother fluffer is??


And which ship will win (Stancy, Jancy, or Stonathan) or will Nancy be single and prove a woman doesn’t need a man to stop evil from taking her little brother and his friends?


And will we finally have justice for Barb? And is Eleven coming back? I still have so many questions!

Might as well start ticking off every day until the big date. Until then, keep your Stranger needs satisfied by listening to my 1983 edition of my old radio show, featuring songs straight from the year when Will Byers went missing.

Do you have any predictions for Stranger Things 2? Let me know in the comments!


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