I stay awake for.. (the series pt. 2!)


(Dad is prolly like: watch narcos watch narcos watch narcos)

Hello any lovely mouse that clicked by!

Do you stay awake until ungodly times of the night and wonder how and what brought you to 4AM when you felt like you just came home from class? Where did the day go? WHAT YEAR IS IT?

It’s currently 1:49 AM. I’m studying for a quiz due tomorrow and every chapter I finish I reward myself by watching an episode of something on Netflix. Yes, I know this is a flawed system and I should finish all of my studying and THEN reward myself, but do you really think I’m that perfect?

So here are the shows currently keeping me up to all hours of the night. Click the animated text to see a trailer or some of my favorite clips!


Think of this as 21st Century Twilight Zone. Every episode uses some sort of technology as a catalyst to create a problem or show how humans create the problems themselves in a technologically advanced world. The anthology series includes tech such as MemoryGrains used to record everything you see and have the ability to play it back and live through it to today’s comparably simpler tech webcams and phone GPS. Season 3 came out in October and although I think I like the first two seasons more, there are some good episodes in the current season.

My favorites: S1:E3, S2:E1, S3:E2, S3:E3.


If you like the humor of The Office or Curb Your Enthusiasm, you’d most likely enjoy Arrested Development. The show is so witty with running gags, innuendos, and just plain good comedy. Arrested Development can make me laugh even on my saddest day. It has an amazing cast, Ron Howard is narrator and a Blue Man Group hopeful with David Cross. So far there are only four seasons, but I’m always hopeful the writers will get together and give us a new season after three years.

My favorites: Whenever Tobias makes a sexual innuendo (which he does in every episode.)


If you’re looking for a show with episodes that end in rainbows, keep scrolling. Not to be confused with the U.K version (I haven’t watched that yet,) but William H. Macy as the father of the dysfunctional Gallaghers of Shameless makes this show all the better. Shameless can be called a Dramedy (drama comedy) but it’s racy too. From teen pregnancy to bipolar disorder to gang violence, this show has it all. Joan Cusack is great in the first few seasons as a neat freak and Emmy Rossum as the oldest daughter trying to keep her five siblings out of trouble in Chicago make for great TV. Season 6 just came out on Netflix.

My favorites:  S1:E1-present


And finishing off the list with a show that is always good, no matter how your day has been: Bob’s Burgers! At first I was hesitant to watch this show because I thought the animation looked weird, but the jokes are hilarious. Tina Belcher is the strong, butt crazy feminist we all need in our life, with iconic lines such as: “I’m no hero, I put my bra on one boob at a time like everyone else” and “Your ass is grass and I’m gonna mow it.” I’m not going to give you any context, you have to watch the episodes yourself to know. The show also tends to parody pop culture and has a few songs every season.

My favorites: S2:E2, S3: E21, S4:E17, S5:E14

Nothing is worse than when you binge watch a show and you finish it. Tell me what you have been watching nonstop and give me new suggestions on shows to start. I mean, what else will I do after I graduate?



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