New Year, New Seasons (and Some Old Ones Too)

For the past three and half years I was in college and didn’t have much time to watch TV on a daily basis. Actually I would use that time to watch YouTube on a daily basis. But now that I have graduated,  I realize there are a lot of shows I used to love I let fly under the radar. I have so much time on my hands, I think I’ll spend some of it watching the seasons I missed and the new seasons of shows that are coming out in a few months.

New seasons I’m looking forward to watching:

  • Silicon valley – witty comedy on HBO. If you know how to cut and paste, this show is for you.
  • Bachelor – The Bachelor is the cheesiest reality show I’ve ever seen. I only watch it with my mom to make fun of it. I usually lose interest at week 6 but it’s still fun to see the crazy characters and count how many times someone uses the phrase “looking for love.”
  • Netflix originals
    • Degrassi: Next Class – I am a big fan of Degrassi and have seen every episode of the franchise (even the ones in the 80s!) Although I’m not a big fan of some of the new cast members, I always have to remind myself “I know I can make it through.”
    • Stranger Things – Anyone who has or knows someone who will let you on their Netflix account, needs to watch this show! If you like sci fi and anything 80s, this show is for you.
    • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – This is a very cute and witty show starring Ellie Kemper and I need to know if she will get back in a relationship with Dong. If you don’t understand, you need to watch both seasons now!
    • Master of None – A friend recommended this show to me and I was hesitant because I never watched Netflix originals before or had seen anything with Aziz Ansari in it. But boy, I would be sari if I missed out. The show has an attractive way of storytelling this New York bachelor’s life as a 20 something figuring out what to do with his life. And as your friend, I recommend it too.

Old Seasons I Need to Catch Up On:

  • Teen Wolf – I loved this show. I love Dylan O’Brien. I stopped watching because this is the type of show if you miss one episode then you’re lost forever. Well, every episode has a “previously on Teen Wolf” but if I miss one episode it’s like missing a crucial point of a joke and then you don’t understand the punchline. So I’ll just binge watch it instead.
  • The Walking Dead – I saw the season opener. I was really sad about the people who were killed and I haven’t had the heart to move on to the next episode. Well, I started it but was bored with the whole Carol x Morgan storyline, I shut the episode off. I’ll get back into it eventually.
  • Steven Universe – I love all of the songs from this adorably animated show with some serious story lines. I want to watch all of the episodes until the current season so I can keep up with the gem drama, fusions, and songs.
  • Bates Motel – Dear Netflix, please get season four! I need to see what happens to Norman. This show is so dark and you can’t help but feel bad for Norma Bates because her son is a lunatic. This is a prequel to Psycho and I’d love to see how they wrap up the show into the movie.
  • UnReal – Remember when I wrote about the cheesiest reality TV show? This is a TV drama exposing how shows like The Bachelor are ran. So it’s basically The Bachelor’s dirty laundry and how far girls are pushed to make good television.
  • Most ABC sitcoms
    • Modern Family – Yet another show my dad caught a little late, but the show is still pumping out new episodes… just none of us have had the idea to watch them. Maybe once we finish The Office (my second time, their first) my family and I will continue with Modern.
    • The Middle – My mom and I like this one (my dad secretly does too.) It’s good writing and unique children and I identify with Sue so I like to watch the show.
    • The Goldbergs – My favorite episode is the New Kids On The Block one. I really like all of the characters and it’s fun to see all of the 80’s references that are made because the show is set…in the 80’s.
  • Pretty Little Liars – A show I watched when it first aired and had stuck with until I went to college and then it was me playing catch up every week. Once the show did the whole “five years forward” stunt, I lost some interest. Now the show has ended, I feel I should finish what I started. I bought and read all of the books, so at least I finished the franchise some type of way.
  • Once Upon A Time – If you love anything Disney, be prepared because your favorite princesses might not end up with their princes in this show. I love all of the twists that are made and in this show, characters like Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch and Ariel and Elsa can all interact with each other even though they are from different times and I just love that. Plus Captain Hook is a babe.

Do you have any TV shows you want to watch this year? Let me know in the comments.



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