Middle School Doodles and Other Cringe Art

Did you go through an "Art is my life" phase or are currently living one? Take a look at some of my cringe classified art.


More Pancakes Please

Today I woke up to fresh homemade chocolate chip pancakes from my mom around 6:30 AM. I thought I would fall asleep right after devouring the flapjacks, but instead I watched Drake & Josh. I thought I would knock out after the commercials started rolling, but instead I pulled my laptop out and went on … Continue reading More Pancakes Please

It Was Not My 20-forte

Hey look at that, it's 2015 and I never gave the worldwide web my 2014 year in review. Using GetBusyLivingBlog.com's Your Year In Review worksheet (with some altercations), I will rehash the best and worst times of 2014 as a fallen in love freshman who evolved into a single sophomore as the year flew by. 5 Greatest Things … Continue reading It Was Not My 20-forte

Much To Do About Types pt.1

Currently there are 18 types in the Pokemon realm. Because I have been playing Pokemon X and Omega Ruby and there is downtime at work, I will give my opinion on the best and worst types and include my favorite pokemon to use. These will also include the dual types. I will be using Pokemondb.net's type chart for … Continue reading Much To Do About Types pt.1

Gotta’ List ‘Em All

I plan on catching them all. By catching.. I mean painting. The ones crossed out are ones that I have already conquered. Looks like I have around 705 more to go. Kdex Ndex MS Pokémon Type #001 #001 Bulbasaur Grass Poison #002 #002 Ivysaur Grass Poison #003 #003 Venusaur Grass Poison #004 #004 Charmander Fire … Continue reading Gotta’ List ‘Em All

‘Gotta paint em all

This semester, especially now, is stressful. Yesterday was a rough one. I got an 80 on my quiz but I really wanted a perfect score. I worked on my English presentation for three hours, when I could have been studying for my journalism final exam, which only lasted 50 minutes, so once I finished I … Continue reading ‘Gotta paint em all