Still Searching for Pancakes

Do you ever wake up and wonder how much time has gone by? Whether you were sleeping in your bed, standing at the bus terminal, or binge watching Netflix, time keeps ticking and you have to be conscious about it. Yesterday I wasn't. I woke up and squinted at the window to see what time it … Continue reading Still Searching for Pancakes


In Need of Pancakes

It's an odd feeling when you realize the past few days have just blended together. I wake up at 10 am on average, sometimes at 8 am or 12 pm. But I know there are more things I could be doing with my life. Granted I'm at home without a car or license, so I … Continue reading In Need of Pancakes

College Bound

I'm packing for college. It's weird and bittersweet and just plain weird. My bags are on my bed among with eight plastic coat hangers, shower caddy, a phone charger and towels. I don't know what else to take, so if anyone has any advice, now would be the time for that. c: I won't be … Continue reading College Bound