On The Bookshelf: June

Is it almost August already?

About two months ago I wrote May’s OTB. In it, I created a goal for June – to read five books. Unfortunately, due to work, forgetfulness and the overall binge on TV shows, I failed to complete the hefty goal. However, I did complete one book and it was a good one by a great author.

Hide and Seek by Sara Shepard

I had summarized what The Lying Game series was about in May’s post, excluding the details of Hide and Seek. But with all of Shepard’s juicy and mysterious novels, I had to get the next book. But when could I find the time to go to town when I have no license and no car? I couldn’t possibly ask my mother to go to the store during her lunch break or bother my father to stop by; he’d buy the wrong thing.

Instead of making the special trip to Barnes and Noble and shelling out $18 for each book, I decided to try shopping on Amazon and boy was I glad I did. I saved $23 dollars from what I would have spent at the bookstore. I bought both books as “Used” and loved how there were details on the books conditions, which varied the price.

Then it was the waiting, peeking out the window for the mail truck, and checking my amazon package tracker game.

I was out with a friend when the package finally came. When I got back to the house I shrieked with joy and opened the packages to find Toxic and Cross My Heart, Hope To Die (both Shepard novels; if you don’t know by now she’s my favorite author.) Toxic had a couple of those weird shiny scratches on the cover but was still in a solid shape, while CMHHTD looked like it had been dropped a couple times down stony stairs.

As much as I love my store bought books (in pristine condition), I love saving money more. And on summer days like these, where my eyes glaze over while watching re-runs of The Middle, I’m glad to have something to look forward to when the mail truck comes by.


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