Sam’s February Jams

During my senior year at VCU, I became a DJ. Although those days are over, my love for music isn't. If you're interested in learning what songs got stuck in my head for February or if you want some fresh finds, this is the blog post for you!


Happy November

Where did the year go? Here's just a quick lil' update for the blog and for my YouTube channel. Click if you want! Thanks for subscribing or if you stumbled upon this blog, thanks! Enjoy your weekend.

Momma’s Pride & Prejudice

Typical Tracy


Today my oldest daughter, a senior at VCU, hosted her very first radio show on the campus station.

She had mentioned a desire to volunteer for her own show last semester, but with classes and her involvement with Phi Sigma Pi, I never thought she’d make the time. Plus, she tends to procrastinate – doing and saying are like Earth to Mars many times for her.

But not this time. Earlier this week she met with the station manager, familiarized herself with the board (which she pretty much knew from her communications classes) and today, at a shade past 10 am, she was on the air.

She played music…and lots of it was pretty good. Some Beck, Vampire Weekend, and Talking Heads. She mentioned her sister and her love of the Beatles. She talked about how it feels to attend a concert, using her time working at the Charlottesville Pavilion as an example…

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Gotta’ List ‘Em All

I plan on catching them all. By catching.. I mean painting. The ones crossed out are ones that I have already conquered. Looks like I have around 705 more to go. Kdex Ndex MS Pokémon Type #001 #001 Bulbasaur Grass Poison #002 #002 Ivysaur Grass Poison #003 #003 Venusaur Grass Poison #004 #004 Charmander Fire … Continue reading Gotta’ List ‘Em All

‘Gotta paint em all

This semester, especially now, is stressful. Yesterday was a rough one. I got an 80 on my quiz but I really wanted a perfect score. I worked on my English presentation for three hours, when I could have been studying for my journalism final exam, which only lasted 50 minutes, so once I finished I … Continue reading ‘Gotta paint em all


The things I find myself doing when I procrastinate: Planning my entire month on Google Calendar from classes, study sessions, to when I should brush my teeth and potty breaks. Adding stations and using skips on Pandora. (Recently) Looking at the remaining Black Friday deals. Singing out loud and pretending I'm in a music video … Continue reading List-crastinating