It Was Not My 20-forte

Hey look at that, it's 2015 and I never gave the worldwide web my 2014 year in review. Using's Your Year In Review worksheet (with some altercations), I will rehash the best and worst times of 2014 as a fallen in love freshman who evolved into a single sophomore as the year flew by. 5 Greatest Things … Continue reading It Was Not My 20-forte


Bring on the Brothers

Well WordPress, it's been a hell of a sophomore semester. Things have definitely changed since my last post. I am a free woman as of a week and a half ago. I was in a toxic, manipulative relationship where I decided the things that I had to endure were just stupid instances that I just didn't need … Continue reading Bring on the Brothers

It’s Never to Late to Pickup Where I Left Off..

In five days, I will have fully been a VCU student for five months. It's December and it's the last few days of Finals. Monday I face my Math 141 final exam at 1 PM and have learned that I cannot, in no way possible, receive an A in the course, which blows. But to … Continue reading It’s Never to Late to Pickup Where I Left Off..