Signs You Know When Your Roommates Are Back From Break

-smell of veggie stir fry from the kitchen -the theme song of the show they are currently bingewatching on netflix -the sound of the shower turning on -silverware that was on the counter the night before is now gone -a new toilet paper roll is on the holder -hip hop music filling the room -the … Continue reading Signs You Know When Your Roommates Are Back From Break



Hello! After what it feels like five years since I uploaded (it's been a little over a month) I have a new video on my YouTube channel (in the big text below.) If you don't know what Vlogtober is, it's typically a person would vlog every day of October. But since I am a college … Continue reading I WENT TO A PUMPKIN PATCH

More than half a year later..

.. hi! Yikes.. it's been a long time since I've been on here. I'm going to keep it short because I'm procrastinating on finishing homework and packing my things up from the library. I did most of what I said I was going to do in my last post: "I want to get another little … Continue reading More than half a year later..

Jovial Junior – Come and Gone

Hello from a jovial junior. Well I haven't posted in over 70 days. Time to give an update before I dive into 2016. I  remember how I wanted to blog every day but as per usual I had school work and my semester was busy. #RECAP The spring semester consisted of classes I can't really remember and one … Continue reading Jovial Junior – Come and Gone

From My Queen Sized Bed; Part deux

Hello world and all who inhabit it - I have returned to the blogosphere. Spring 2015 classes are over which means final exams have been taken and summer has begun. I ended the semester with all As and one B, and I'm pretty stoked. My family picked me up May 7th and I've been home … Continue reading From My Queen Sized Bed; Part deux

The Three B’s

After a week of wallowing in the past, I can only look forward to the weekend and the new semester, which both start in a few days. I'm having a girls night with my BFF Taylor while we root for our favorite local band Perfect Slight composed of Taylor's brother's best friends. Taylor and I … Continue reading The Three B’s

School for Sash, Day of Play for Sammay

Today felt like any other day when you're on winter break. I was snuggled in on the couch with my Sailor Moon blanket playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and watching The Walking Dead. I managed to almost watch two whole seasons in 24 hours - it was the biggest achievement of the day. Plus, I caught … Continue reading School for Sash, Day of Play for Sammay

It Was Not My 20-forte

Hey look at that, it's 2015 and I never gave the worldwide web my 2014 year in review. Using's Your Year In Review worksheet (with some altercations), I will rehash the best and worst times of 2014 as a fallen in love freshman who evolved into a single sophomore as the year flew by. 5 Greatest Things … Continue reading It Was Not My 20-forte