A Secret to Put You to Sleep (I stay awake for..pt.3)

Do you stay awake until ungodly times of the night and wonder how and what brought you to 4AM when you felt like you just came home from class? Where did the day go? WHAT YEAR IS IT?

It’s currently 1:49 AM and I have a secret. I’ve never told anyone this because I thought they would look at me funny for listening to this. So be prepared, because you are the first to know I stay awake for…



It’s a feeling you get when your senses are triggered and it feels like tiny shivers or goosebumps (or the preferred word by the ASMR community, tingles) in your head. If you want the textbook definition, you can research it.

Watching ASMR is like hypnotism. You have to will yourself to let go and listen and believe this will relax you. You can’t have any logic in your head or else you’ll fall out of the trance.

About a year ago I discovered what ASMR was through the comments of a virtual barber shop video. You probably experience ASMR all the time, but you’ve never had a word for it. Sounds such as tapping, whispering, sloshing water, brushing a mic, and flipping pages are used in ASMR videos.

Give Virtual Barber shop on YouTube a chance and tell me what you think about it. Remember, you have to focus and imagine you’re in the barbershop to get the full effect. I flinch every time when the scissors come close to my ear.

A lot of people make fun of ASMRtists (YouTubers who do ASMR videos) for looking stupid while they wave a flashlight around or tapping a hairbrush. It’s all about allowing yourself to stop being logical for once and relax to sensory sounds.

If you’re curious or still skeptical, check out this down to earth ASMRtist who gives a rundown on ASMR and common triggers for tingles.

I used to listen to ASMR videos when I was working on homework but now I mainly listen to fall asleep. Here are some of my favorite videos.

  • Layered Sounds
  • Cupping sounds
  • At the Optometrist — The optometrist is my favorite doctor to go to because it’s usually dark and the doctor talks quietly and moves a flashlight in front of my face. Okay that sounds a little strange. I also like when the optometrist says “1 or 2?” And I’ll ask to see them again just to hear them say 1 or 2 again. I’m a stinker.
  • Bitchy Friend Does Your Makeup — because ASMR can be funny too.

BONUS: This one isn’t labeled as ASMR but I like watching it and it reminds me of the optometrist so why not throw in another video I like to watch? 

I’m not embarrassed about this. I’m sharing my secret so you can find a new way to unwind and fall asleep. And of course there are hundreds of other videos for any type of trigger, and I encourage you to look and find if you like anything. It’s okay if you don’t. We are all friends here. 🙂

However, it is ironic that writing this post about falling asleep is keeping me awake. Time to hit the hay and ASMR away.


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