For Fit Sake!

g8vle6nx Is it just me or did February take a long time to rear it’s head? It’s not like I’m excited to be single on Valentine’s Day or I’m going on a vacation; It’s just January was becoming stale bread and it was time to move on.

But now that we are 32 days into the year, I have to wonder if anyone has kept their NYE resolutions. I’ll admit I haven’t been completing the little goals I’ve written for myself every day as much as I should. I’ve also been eating several more cookies than the suggested serving, but all of the US politics are making me stress eat. Plus it doesn’t help that the Girl Scouts outside of Food Lion are so darn cute with their Thin Mints and Samoas.


This made me think my Fitbit statistics for January were going to be utter crap, but I was surprised with how many miles I’ve walked after our treadmill broke and other obstacles that deterred me from exercising.

My line may be a bit off, but you get the jist.

Days with small bars or no bars at all were ones when I forgot to wear the wristband or I woke up later in the day and barely moved around. Days with mid-length bars were when I woke up at noon and didn’t have enough motivation in me to get the full 8000 steps.

I hit my goal for only 11 days out of the whole month. I’m not proud of it but I’m pretty happy with 64 miles under my belt.

I don’t know if you’re interested in math, but here’s some for you so avert your eyes if you can’t stand the subject. According to this article on Business Insider, the average American takes 5,900 steps a day and researchers say roughly 2,000 steps make a mile.


5,900 x 31 (days in January) = 182,900 total steps of an average American in January. 182,900/2,000 (steps in a mile) = 91.45 total miles of an average American in January.

So I’m not your average American. I didn’t take that many steps or miles. But like I said before.. the cookies!!

As for February, I want to break 100 miles. I did just that in November 2016, albeit I was at VCU and walking around was the way of life. And although our old treadmill’s squeaks scare me when I run, I really feel I can lose the weight I want keeping in mind the amount of food I eat.

Or maybe I could lay off the Girl Scout cookies.



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