30 Reasons Why Phil Lester is Amazing

Before a couple of years ago, I would only watch YouTube for music videos, karaoke and old cartoon theme songs. I didn’t subscribe to any of the popular YouTube personalities. I had watched Shane Dawson when I probably shouldn’t have and I admit, I did watch a few FRED videos.

But for a little more than year now, I have been a fan of best friends Phil Lester AKA AmazingPhil and Dan Howell AKA Danisnotonfire on YouTube and I think calling myself a fan is an understatement. I have every push notification possible activated for any of their social media accounts, I own both of their books, two shirts, one sweatshirt, one sweater, sweatpants, and a little plushie. I also went to see their stage show when they came to DC last May. And the only reason I have a Tumblr is to like and reblog fan art and memes. So I guess you could say I’m a tad bit obsessed.

And today is Phil Lester’s birthday. He is 30 years old. This was a day the phandom (dan+phil fan base name) knew was coming. 30 isn’t old, but there are a lot of tweens and teens in the phandom and hitting 30 might as well be considered old and un-hip.

Before I dive into the rabbit hole of Dan, Phil, and the entire fandom, let me get on with the list on why Phil Lester is so amazing.

      1. After 10 years, he continues to make YouTube videos. Phil is known as “a YouTube dinosaur.”
      2. He still believes in the magic of Christmas for when Dan says Mrs. Claus isn’t real, Phil says “this is the magic Christmas video about Akinator. If you say Mrs. Claus doesn’t exist I’m going to leave!” Catch it at 7:10 to see the sassy unfold.
      3. He loves house plants but doesn’t have a green thumb.
      4.  Phil has a great singing voice, as shown in Dan and Phil’s song “The Internet is Here.”
      5. He is clumsy as hell but somehow he is still alive.
      6. He gives great advice.tumblr_mv12rjvtkv1shh6gdo7_500
      7. Phil was a contestant on The Weakest Link and made it pretty dang far.
      8. And in that video he said he wanted to be “in the media somewhere” and a “film director” after he graduated from university, and Phil did it all through YouTube. (cannot be anymore proud of this man I’ve never met, but his dreams came true and it’s a real happy thing.)
      9. He tries to expand on his brand with the Seven Second Challenge and doing videos out of the ordinary for his channel, like baking videos.
      10. His smile is great and his laughter is contagious (and after I typed this I found a laughter compilation and couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.)
      11. Phil’s eyes are straight from the ocean, outta this world. tumblr_oiv337v5hd1vsr3wgo1_1280
      12. Phil (and Dan) are Disney stars! Well, they have done voice work as technicians 1 and 2 in the UK edition of Big Hero 6 and were two gorilla princes in The Lion Guard. This was the first time I had watched Disney Junior in awhile, but it was worth it to see my favorites in action.
      13. He was also an extra on Faintheart as a viking.
      14. Did I mention he is British? Yeah yeah his accent doesn’t define him, but it doesn’t hurt either! Also..have you heard the way British people say zebra?
      15. He’s done things that have scared him, like doing a 25 ft cliff jump in Jamaica or doing a touring stage show for thousands of people.
      16. Phil was a cohost along with his best friend Dan to a show on BBC Radio 1 called Internet Takeover. They had this show for a few years and this led to them interviewing One Direction, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy and even being hosts and announcers for some primetime awards shows in the UK.p01sk413
      17. He loves waffles.tumblr_o6vi4sct3o1uzdr7po2_1280
      18. At one point he was the world’s fastest coin stacker.
      19. He never fails to be totally relatable.
      20. His talent for unintentionally making innuendos.
      21. Phil is pretty good at flipping pancakes. tumblr_o3jtm78tFu1uja0jno1_250.gif
      22. The one amazing moment when Dan got picture proof of Phil eating Dan’s cereal without asking.
      23. Dan and Phil were in YouTube Rewind as two Stranger Things-esque boys.ScreenShot_20170130055140.png
      24. He has 3.9 million subscribers and counting. #getPhilto4Mil
      25. He finally nailed the famous warmup Danger Men At Work, way after their tour ended.
      26. He was the one who inspired Dan to make videos.
      27. Dan and Phil have an annual Q&A video called Phil is not on fire where they put cat whiskers on their face and it has become a cult phenomenon so when I did this my parents were worried and told me to wash my face but I didn’t because they just don’t understand that the cat whiskers lie within! screenshot_20170130052742
      28. And basically this whole video where we get to see baby ginger Phillip. 
      29. Phil won the filmmaker of the year award at the British Online Creator Awards and he invited Dan onto the stage (I’d be crying if I wasn’t already so stuffy from my cold.)
      30. He is the representation of sunshine, his name is Phil Lester and he is 30.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here and you sure did get a heck of a post! I hope you enjoyed my possibly lengthiest blog post ever. If you made it this far, snaps to you. I do wish this guy the best birthday possible because he has made my life better since I subscribed. I truly hope one day I will be able to meet him.

featured image made by lxzyfangirl.tumblr.com



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