These Songs Made My 2016

2016 was tough, but music was one of the things to help me thl100-8889-karaoke-animated-led-signrough the year. Whenever I sang I felt better. I don’t have an amazing voice, but I do like to sing, so let’s go to a karaoke night if you want to be friends!

Future plans aside, one of the best choices I made in 2016 was to get Spotify Premium*. There is a student deal for $4.99 a month instead of the normal $9.99. I subscribed because I had my radio show and wanted to play my own playlists. And I can’t do that without having music on my laptop, so the subscription was born. Premium is nice because whatever songs you download, you can listen to without having an internet connection. I personally like plugging my phone in the car and jamming out to songs I know than taking my chances with the radio.

I just spent an hour trying to find the play count for my top songs of 2016 but it seems impossible. Let’s just say I listened to New Orleans so much because it’s a beautiful song and Tear In My Heart is a song I can jump to for an hour straight. I’ve seen Parachute before and hopefully will see them again in April. I’m going to see Twenty One Pilots in a couple weeks, and don’t worry, I’ll tell you how the concert went! And I saw The 1975 this past summer — they are such a great band. They played Sex, Girls, and Chocolate all at the end which are my favorite songs of theirs (you can find all three songs on this playlist.)

Enjoy almost six hours of quality music from a girl in her twenties.

What music helped you through to the new year?

*Spotify did not pay for me to say this. I just like the program, besides the non song count thing. 

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