Embarrassing Tweets

Have you made any embarrassing or completely pointless statuses? I’ve been on Twitter for eight years and have had my fair share in stupid tweets. Today, I look back on my Twitter feed and show you some of the lamest tweets I’ve ever made.

I invented twitter shade.

Why am I talking like this?

I guess I got 10 favorites on a tweet? And yeah, that is kind of sad.

Why was this important to tweet? Take technology away from me when I’m bored!

I have no idea what this tweet means because I wasn’t 21 and never went to any parties with alcohol in high school. I might have just wanted to make a funny rhyme.

why? note to self: never use the word ratchet.

Oh yeah Sam, everyone wants to see a picture of your messy room. Sometimes it’s better to keep pictures to yourself.

I remember this. It was actually really embarrassing. Imagine young me singing a passionate song and you hear a voice from up above “BE QUIET” obvi I wouldn’t have sang if I knew you were home mister.

I would be snarky to my dad on Twitter because I knew he didn’t have an account. Sorry dad. 

This just seems like a poor choice of words.

Maybe they aren’t terrible, but the tweets were definitely not top quality.

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