Middle School Doodles and Other Cringe Art

Have you ever gone through an “art is my life” phase and drew every day? When I first discovered deviantart.com, I used it to play dress up games. In March of 2008 I made an account, sammyslion, where I uploaded Pokemon art, pictures of my cats, colored in lineart and screenshots of my computer desktop. I thought I was really cool. Here is my first upload.

Just a simple cat drawing.

My most popular upload is a colored lineart of a Charmander. I named it “Charmander Z.” I don’t know where the Z comes from because all I see are triangles and arrows. The fire shading is nice.

I didn’t know how to crop when I scanned the image in. This was all colored pencil. 

I don’t know how my parents put up with this annoying Pokemon desktop.

Wow flashback to some of those CDROM games: Zoo Tycoon was my SH*T.

Some of the art I did like.

Just a simple cheetah from a sketchbook.
This was one of the first time I had used Photoshop to color my artwork. This was also the first dark creepy thing I drew.
A mascot for a club I was admin for. I’ve always liked the shading and the way I drew it. And that ‘N’ is the worst in all of history.

I did some photography as well.

My first cat, Vee-Vee.
Cats go in the craziest of positions.
This has always been one of my favorites of Olive. She was on my desk staring at me and I had to take a picture.

Then there were some pictures I shake my head at, but they are up on the internet forever so…enjoy this cringe picture of myself in 8th grade. But look at the cute kitten! And why did I ever think the last photo would be cool? MySpace had gotten to my head.

Hope you had a good laugh because I certainly did. I might upload some more art onto my account. I got a new watercolor set and I’ve been wanting to try it. But if I paint something I’ll be sure to show you all first.

Have you kept any of your old drawings?

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