The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had

Makeover. Halloween party. Voting. Post election protests. I know 2016 has ended but I can’t get over what a great year it was for me. gives you a collage of, well, your best nine pictures of 2016 and how many likes you got over the year. Here are my best nine moments. 


I don’t think I have written about graduation enough – it was a big event in my life! A lot of my family members came, including some from Pennsylvania and one from Florida. I went to the Robertson School of Media and Culture graduation ceremony, which is home for advertising, journalism and public relations students. I saw all of my friends from previous and current classes. It was such a surreal experience that came so fast. I remember being in my first broadcast class and I was intimidated by the professor so much, I considered switching majors. Yeah, it was bad. But I persevered and I made it.

My graduation cap tips to a quote made from one of my favorite YouTubers and I don’t think anything else could sum up my college experience.

“This was the most fun I’ve ever had.” – Dan Howell


PSP’s semi-formal this year was a Halloween party and I knew I didn’t want to show up as a cat or a witch, but something I really liked and could do on a budget. I wanted to do this costume last year, but it was too late so I prepared this time around. I went as Anna from Frozen. I love how the costume turned out. I bought the skirt at Goodwill, the black top was a youth’s large at the dollar store, and the cape fabric from AC Moore. The rest I owned and painted the design on. Of course, I’m no cosplayer and the costume could be better, but I’m proud of it dang-it!

Pumpkin Picking

Most of this experience can be seen in my YouTube video, PUMPKIN PATCH ADVENTURE. Although I didn’t take a pumpkin home, I did enjoy all of the small business food stands (Virginia pulled pork is great!) I bought a few squash and planned on eating them but…let’s just say I forgot about them and threw them away a few months later. :S

November 8th

This was the first presidential election I could vote in and I was excited. I woke up an hour before the polls opened and walked across the street to my polling station. I was very happy checking Hillary Clinton’s name. The rest of the day dragged on during my busiest day of the week. Some shops were giving discounts to people who showed their vote stickers so I found some down time and bought a cute shirt from the 80s and a raincoat from the 70s. I was confident it would be a good day. That night I helped WVCW with their presidential coverage. Most of the team stayed until 1 AM and we left the studio with most of the country colored red. The results came in and I was upset. But I was very happy Richmond went blue and surprised Virginia went blue.

Hire Me

The Grad Fair at VCU is a graduate tradition. This is where VCU tries to sell you on buying expensive frames, class rings, alumni memberships, but most importantly it’s where you purchase your cap, gown and hood. There was a photo op section with handmade signs saying “Thanks Mom and Dad” or “I did it!” But I decided to pose with four signs and post the candids, because they were more fun. I even wore my cat newspaper dress because of my journalism major and got a few compliments on it.

Tyler Oakley

You can read all about this in the blog post I made recently. 🙂

Karaoke Night

I turned 21 this summer. This means I missed out on most of the night life because I was underage. I wasn’t going to leave Richmond if I didn’t have one night out on the town. A few of my friends said they were going to a karaoke night but were stopping at a bar first. I had zero classes the next day, so I decided to go to both places. I didn’t know what to wear because I’ve never been out to a nightclub/bar so I just wore black jeans and a nice floral print sweater. I had a few drinks; my friends had a couple more than me. Then we piled into an Uber and went to the New York Deli in Carytown for karaoke night. I bought myself a big plate of bacon cheese fries and they were goooooood. I started to feel a little buzzed by then and the fries made me very happy. I sang two songs: Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy and Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. A couple friends had to leave but at the end of the night it was me and two brothers from my fraternity. We ended up leaving around 1 AM and my buzz cleared up and I was stuffed. It was a really fun night.

November 9th

I thought I would hear shouting in the streets a few minutes after Trump was elected. I didn’t leave my place that Wednesday until I had to run a few errands which I waited to do in the evening. I felt so sluggish and defeated. I walked through campus and it was quiet. I went into the library to edit some video and I came out to an empty campus. As I walked back to my dorm, a crowd of people formed in front of the library and a camera crew from CBS was broadcasting the protest live. Some of the chants had expletives and the reporter warned viewers. Something switched inside of me and I knew I had to be there. It was around 11 PM. I grabbed the video camera I checked out from the library, bundled up and went outside. No one was at the library anymore. I walked around campus until I found the crowd – I wasn’t going to miss this moment. I found them walking past Monroe Park and I walked in with them, my camera high to catch everything. We walked back to the library and I knew I needed to get higher so I stood on a small wall and helped a few people up to stand with me. 15002251_1232362893486521_7665645465979814743_o

I had never seen so many people in one place, excluding New York City or Disney. I had never witnessed something like this. As the congregation moved down the streets of Richmond, I followed. I didn’t know where this was going to take us. I wasn’t with any of my friends. I wasn’t in a part of Richmond I recognized. Before I knew it, a group of people were walking onto the interstate and I knew that was my time to stop. I ran up to a bridge and live streamed the group of college students blocking the road. Cops came and eventually the group was getting pepper sprayed. It was very scary to witness something I see in movies or TV. Then the group walked towards Monument Avenue and stood on the Robert E. Lee statue. My friend called me to make sure I was okay. It wasn’t until three AM when I decided to walk home with a brother I spotted in the crowd.

A lot of people on my Facebook feed thought the protests were childish but I didn’t think that way. It was my first presidential election. I didn’t participate in the F*ck Trump chants but stood as a bi-partisan reporter and viewer and I stand by my choice to watch history in the making.

New cut, New me

It had been a long time since I had a haircut and in July I knew I needed a change. I had at least six inches cut from hair and layers put in. I love getting my hair cut. It feels good to have shampoo massaged onto your head and not have to worry taking care of your hair yourself. I was concerned I asked to get it cut too short but it turned out wonderful. The blowout looked really nice and I had to take as many selfies as I could before the beautiful look would go away. This was a good start to the school year because I had a new hair style; it was a new me. I had classes I was excited for. I had a TA job. I would graduate in six months. Life was good.

There is my top nine pictures of 2016. Most were great. A few were inspiring. What moments made your 2016 on Instagram?



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