The Year of Big Leaps and Small Steps

x18tczthYesterday I set some simple goals for myself to start the new year: email a few resumes, help my family strip our house of Christmas decorations, and reach 10k  steps on my Fitbit. And I hit all of them!

I don’t exactly have a new year’s resolution as of right now. I do know I have had a goal weight for several years and I plan to finally hit and surpass it for our family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard this summer. And I do know I want to get a job, preferably in my field.

And the rest will come with the new year.

So I’ll set little goals here and there and once 2018 is a few days away, I can look back on the year and see all I’ve accomplished, all that went wrong, and the ways I can fix it.

A lot of people hated 2016. I only liked it because I had the best school year ever with being a director, a TA, and a graduate.

I can only wonder what 2017 will have in store for me.


Plus this Buzzfeed quiz says I’ll get a new job. So if Buzzfeed says it, then it’s true, right?



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