I Met a YouTube Celebrity!

Remember back to this post when I said something really amazing happened but didn’t want to tell you until I was fully conscious enough to put every last detail in? Well I couldn’t leave 2016 behind without telling you about it!

I MET A YOUTUBE CELEBRITY! An icon, an author, an activist and a great person. 


When I found out he was coming to VCU to have a Q&A about his book Binge, I went to my best friend and said “we have to go to this.” It was the closest we would be to YouTube royalty, not including the time the same friend, another friend and I went to DC to see YouTube British royalty Dan and Phil and their book stage show. We reserved our Q&A tickets and waited for the big day.

That day had finally come and I was in the library. Someone in a group chat I was in said they spotted mxbfzxxain a main part of campus and I hopped out of my seat and quickly  calmly walked outside. I ran into another friend of mine from my fraternity and we both made it a goal to find the superstar. After walking around campus for 10 minutes we headed back to the library to find mxbfzxxaexiting the building and setting up a table with the Young Democrats org. He was there for the Love Trumps Hate campaign supporting Hillary Clinton as president and was asking people to register and vote.

We are the same height and I don’t know what I was doing with my hand.. I was just so excited. 

My body was filled with so much adrenaline and nerves; it was mxbfzxxa! It was my turn to talk to him and get a selfie and I asked him about Dan and Phil (they have made a video together) and he said they were great.

Then it was time for the Q&A which had a standby line; who knew so many people at VCU wanted to see him? Also I want to note this event was for VCU students only and it was a great perk! I want more YouTubers to come to VCU. My best friend and I were on the side, three or four rows away from the celebrity and we didn’t know what to expect.

We were super stoked to see our third YouTuber IRL.

mxbfzxxais as funny and relatable on YouTube and TV as he is IRL. We all talked about his trip on The Amazing Race (loved), his love for Ru Paul’s Drag Race (my best friend liked) and YouTube (we both liked.) The hour meeting went by so fast.


Thursday October 13, 2016 was a great day. I also made a video with more details about the experience and I’m embarrassed of the amount of times I say “so cool.”

Look out for a year in review because..djoot7oq


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