Pocahontas Said it Best

The first song in Pocahontas 2 pretty much sums up what I’m thinking as a graduate (and it’s winter, so it’s fitting.)


Post graduation pondering: I find myself clicking through Netflix, but really I’m searching for something to do during the day. Like my dad says, there’s only so much TV I can watch. 

I look for jobs in my field, but I don’t know how far I should or can go. And anyone would say Sam, you shouldn’t have any limits! You’re a fresh graduate and the world is your oyster!

And to that I say I’ve lived with my family forever minus the semesters I’ve spent at VCU and I don’t know where to go from here. Ideally, I’d like to work in my city and get a car and an apartment later on (and I’m sure my parents agree.) But what if I moved to northern VA (NOVA) for a production or editing job in DC? What if the Discovery Channel wants to take me around the world and edit videos (wow Sam calm down you need an entry level job, but keep dreaming big, kid.) Anyways, I don’t think I’ve ever felt this stressed before and I’ve had assignments where I had to stay awake for days to work on editing video for a documentary due in 48 hours. 

I don’t consider this as whining, but more of a Dear Diary because I don’t know what to do. There’s only one job I’ve applied for in my city I’m interested in and all of the others are either in DC or NOVA. And I don’t want this to translate as my parents needing to keep me in a 20 mile radius from them. My mom may want that, but we all know eventually I’ll have to leave the nest. 

But right now this bird doesn’t know which way to go and is looking for a sign, just like Pocahontas. Where is John Smith’s compass when you need it?



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