Not Sure If I’m Vegetarian-ing Right

Hello to the lovely biscuit who stumbled by this blog post!

It’s a quarter past 11 as I am writing this. Earlier I ate a microwaved sweet potato and my stomach has been growling for the last 19 minutes.

I’ve been lacto-ovo for six days, eating my way through classes with eggs, cheese, yogurt and broccoli. I’ve tried to eat three meals a day but I’ll find myself either buying one large quinoa bowl or eating small cartons of greek yogurt and microwaved broccoli. Is it obvious I don’t know how to cook the easiest of things? I’m afraid of burning the dorm down, sue me.

I bought mushrooms, zucchini, and sweet potatoes, but I don’t have the utensils to prep or cook them with. I bought brown rice and black beans; turns out they take hours and eternities to cook. I want to make quesadillas and stuffed omelettes and fajitas. So I’ll look at recipes and in my head I say yeah I can do this, sounds simple but it would probably end up like this:

Now thinking about it, eating a big carb before bed without any protien probably wasn’t the best but it was easy to make and I knew I couldn’t screw it up. Until I heard the microwave sizzling.

Well THAT didn’t happen. But I get nervous when foods make sounds. It was a successful microwaved tater but it needed salt.

I’m not sure if I’m vegetarian-ing right if I’m afraid my plants are going to kill me.




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