More than half a year later..

.. hi!

Yikes.. it’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. I’m going to keep it short because I’m procrastinating on finishing homework and packing my things up from the library.

I did most of what I said I was going to do in my last post: “I want to get another little in my fraternity, host my own radio show, get an internship, submit stories to the school newspaper” with the exception of being a student reporter and a spring internship. However, I did manage to win myself a spot with a promotions internship at a radio station in my city by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters — only two were picked per participating city. PLUS IT WAS A PAID INTERNSHIP. Both internships I’ve had have been paid. Yes, I know I’m lucky.My summer internship was insightful into the radio business as I got hands on experience as a board operator and saw how the Promotions Director creates promotions from the ground up. Plus there was free food at some of the events the station held and here’s something you may not know about me, I love free food. It’s the college kid in me. 

Over the summer I went to The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire in D.C with two of my best friends. My family and I visited my grandpa and his wife in Florida and made a spontaneous decision to go to NYC/NJ for the 4th of July weekend. We went to New Jersey one last time before August ended to celebrate the life of my grandpa (Pop-Pop) who passed away a month after we saw him. I’m really happy he was able to see my sister sing her choir solo and my capstone documentary I had worked on all last semester. I wish I could call him and tell him all the amazing things I’m doing this semester; he would have been so proud to see the person I’ve become from the shy girl I was when I was younger.

It’s my last semester at VCU. I’m graduating early and am soaking in every minute from the fun things such as PSP events or laughing with my best friends over the stupidest Youtube videos to the smaller things such as walking across campus or doing homework outside in the cool air. I want to remember everything that happened and will happen.

Back in the spring, I decided I wasn’t going to let my last semester go to waste, like I did with my first year at VCU. I wasted my freshman year. I overshadowed it with stupid relationship drama that I can’t remember any good from that year. I went home every other weekend and stayed in my room, awake until the crack of dawn on my laptop. My life changed for the better sophomore year when I rushed Phi Sigma Pi and in doing so, obliterated a toxic relationship. I took a leap of bravery meeting with people I didn’t know and it was the best choice I had made that semester in 2014. Junior year came and gone, with more Brothers to welcome, classes to be almost late to, and late night study cram sessions during Finals week. The first semester of senior year was a tough one as I did my capstone 10 minute documentary, two of the toughest mass comm classes I had left to take, plus a radio show and taking another little in PSP. For the fall semester I want to go out with a bang and live in the moment.

So here I am a director for, VCU Insight, the school’s student TV news program, something I never thought I would have the courage to do. I ran the teleprompter last semester and decided to take the class again and challenge myself. I continue to have a radio show on WVCW, the student radio station at VCU, and broadcast at night on the FM channel. I am one of two teaching assistants for the Working in College Radio class and being a TA is a job I never thought I would have the guts to apply for.

Wow, I didn’t keep it short like I said I was going to. But there was a lot to tell. And with graduation being only x days away, I had to share some thoughts on what it was like to be a Super Senior.


One thought on “More than half a year later..

  1. I’m so glad you realize that your freshman year relationship was a mistake. It was really hard to point it out to you. You ARE an amazing young woman. We are super proud.

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