From My Twin Sized Bed: Part Deux

Good morning. For some of you, it is a regular Tuesday, nothing too important. As for me, today is the beginning of a new semester. I spent yesterday unpacking my clothes, shoes and everything but the kitchen sink. Now I’m awake in a clean room and am ready to start the day.

This will be my toughest semester yet, but I’m feeling scholarly. I have my senior capstone class (it lasts for four hours) and after reading through the syllabus..yikes! It looks like it will be demanding, but this is what the capstone is all about, testing me to see if I really deserve that diploma.

But studies aside, this semester I’m going to be ambitious. I want to get another little in my fraternity, host my own radio show, get an internship, submit stories to the school newspaper.. This semester is my second to last and it’s going to be great!

Yeah.. it looks like a lot. And hopefully I won’t be juggling too many things at once. But I don’t have much more time at VCU. I want to make the most of it and if it means to spread myself thinner than usual, BRING IT ON.

*looks at time*

I have to go to my class — 9:30 AM classes. *sigh* It’s going to be a long day.

And now I bid adieu from my twin sized bed.



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