Buzzfeed Boloney

I go on Facebook to connect with friends and see photos of their engagement rings and message a classmate about an assignment, but recently pics and video fails haven’t been clogging my feed — quizzes have.

Most of my Facebook feed consists of stupid personality quizzes such as ‘Which holiday ornament describes your life’ or ‘What will you eat tomorrow based on which cat you identify with’ (all are made up as far as I know.) Which brings me to ask..

Why do we feel the need to know who we are through a personality test?  Maybe it involves the fascination in all of the astrological B.S since the beginning of time. Do I really need to know which spice or (spice girl) I am depending on my sign? Time to put it to the test.

The Tests

I’m going to take two buzzfeed quizzes. I’m pretty sure none of these authors are licensed personality test creators, but let’s do this.And in no way is this post scientific in the least.  Feel free to take the quiz and see what your answer is.


What Career Should I Actually Have?

My selected answers summary: I’d spend my tax refund on an exotic vacation (assuming I’d have a lot of $$$), Back to the Future trilogy is preferred, a grill that never breaks and is in impeccable shape, Table for two with Michelle Kwan (maybe she’d teach me all of her ice skating skills), I’m describing myself as creative, I really wanted to say London but I chose New York, I’d subscribe to National Geographic over Sports Illustrated, focused missions so I know what I need to do and what expectations are, LOL movies, Snapchat — I love seeing the little moments other people are experiencing, and the discover portion..I love seeing what the French are doing or how rowdy fans are at the New York Jets game.

After 10 questions, I wasn’t happy with what I got.

my career

FIRST OF ALL, how do I receive the answer ‘athlete’ after picking a grill on a deserted island, comedy movies and New York? Secondly, yes, I’m dedicated to whatever I do, I’m a team player and challenges are exciting to overcome. But does that make me perfect for the ideal athlete, trainer or life coach? I’m not exactly built for that, nor do I have the desire.

Real Life Result:

I’m going to be a news reporter or work in news or movie/video production. That’s the goal anyway. However, teamwork, dedication and loyalty are important in all jobs, not just athletics or journalism.

This Colour Test Will Reveal The Best Part About Your Personality

I picked orange because it’s my favorite color.

color burst.png

OK I like to make people laugh and crack a joke every five minutes with my friends. According to About Health, orange is an energetic color bringing feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. It draws attention (to safety) and is refreshing (like citrus.)

Real Life Result:

All of these qualities are what I’d like to be around people but who doesn’t want to be considered exciting and be paid attention to?


The first personality tests were developed in the 1920s. Notable personality tests such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator are seen on many online dating profiles. When did publishing your personality type become an important staple to a profile? Can’t we just go on a date and see if we click ?

It seems people look to these types of quizzes if they are unsure about a decision or curious of an outcome. This idea includes fortune tellers, Magic 8 Balls, fortune cookies. All are made by man, but the way you choose or shake, in the magic 8 ball’s case, becomes the final answer. It becomes society telling you what you are going to become or what lies in store for you.

Buzzfeed created a video where they gave four people a personality test and each one agreed the reading sounded like them.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it makes me believe fortune predictability and personality labels can be a farce.

I understand the quizzes on Buzzfeed and tween magazines are just for fun and are mystical, but let us not depend on anyone to determine who we are or what our future may hold. Make sure you’re putting the personal in personality.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Buzzfeed and want to work for Buzzfeed Video one day (so maybe this isn’t the best post for a potential job.) I just feel this needed to be said. 🙂

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