Jovial Junior – Come and Gone

Hello from a jovial junior.

Well I haven’t posted in over 70 days. Time to give an update before I dive into 2016. I  remember how I wanted to blog every day but as per usual I had school work and my semester was busy.


The spring semester consisted of

  • classes I can’t really remember and one I do remember but don’t want to bore you with.
  • I became a “big” for my fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi, and have this unique and awesome “little” who has given me insight on things they love the most.
  • Making the dean’s list, which means I got great grades~


The summer holiday consisted of:

  • Working at a box office kiosk, selling tickets to an outdoors pavillion concert venues for artists such as Wiz Khalifa, the Decemberists and Lindsey Sterling.
  • Martha’s Vineyard for 4th of July — The vacation ROCKED. We explored the island, woke up early and ate breakfast sandwiches, sat on the piers, explored the different towns and my mom and her side of the family relived walking down memory lane.
  • I turned 20.
  • I finally got my driver’s license.
  • I did best friend things with best friends. I went to Kings Dominion once a week — buying the season pass is a great deal, I recommend it.

The fall semester consisted of

  • an internship, which if you wanted to read about, check it out here.
  • two journalism classes I was a bit nervous about, but I did really well in the end and I think one of the professors really liked my works.
    • thank jesus the cameras were smaller. If I had to lug around the gargantuan ten pound camera equipment for another semester I would have.. well, I would have sucked it up and kept walking.
  • I was Brotherhood chair for Phi Sigma Pi and arranged two movie nights, a shirt lettermaking event, and a group of us to ice skate at the local outdoor rink.
  • Plus I became a grand-big, (my little got their own little) and she is a great addition to the ‘family’.

And that was my 2015, which was way better than 2014. Nothing outraegeous happened this year. Actually something outraegeous probably did happen but I survived it so… LET’S GO 2016.

Signing off as a super senior.


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