From My Twin Sized Bed

Currently (12:16 A.M) I’m sitting in my new dorm room with a Sara Shepard book to my right and my phone to my left. My walls are lightly decorated with posters, cork boards and fraternity related items. All of my clothes are hung neatly in my closet or folded snug into my dresser. A large stuffed Bulbasaur is perched on top of my wardrobe, ready to attack any intruders.  

After rearranging the dorm room furniture (and the horrible screeches made while the desk and bed were dragged along the floor), unpacking, and jamming to music, I’ve deduced I’m the only one in the apartment. It’s strange to only hear ambient noise and the sound of the air conditioning unit blasting.

Today, August 14th is my birthday, and tonight I will turn 20. I’ll grab lunch with a few friends and have dinner with another. Although I’m looking forward to spending my birthday shenanigans in Richmond, I’ll miss being at home with my family. I think this is the first birthday I won’t be home. New things, new numbers.

So far my birthday rocks. I received an e-mail from my journalism professor who informed the class there will be new, small cameras available for us to use. I am so relieved. Last year, I had to lug a heavy camera and tripod around the streets of Richmond. These smaller cameras are such a blessing and make me hopeful for this school year.

My reaction when I was told I’d be able to use smaller cameras.
and now I bid adieu, from my twin sized bed.

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