Tests and Turning 20

Expiration dates are coming down to the wire – my learner’s permit and being a teenager.

Today I’m re-taking my driver’s test and I’m worried I’ll fail again. Failing the first time knocked my confidence down a few pegs. I’ll admit, sometimes I zone out because I’m concentrating so hard on the road. People say learning how to drive is a skill. It’s like riding a bike or swimming; once you learn you never forget. 

In my opinion, driving is like cooking. There is a certain science behind it and once you’ve done it a couple times you’ll soon know if you’re beef wellington, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a rotten egg.

I can barely cook spaghetti.

However, I’m going to throw my apron on once more and take the driver’s test. Hopefully it will be easier on the roads I’ve gotten used to.

An idea I haven’t gotten used to is the fact I’m turning 20 on Friday. I will not have yet reached the title of a twenty something, but I’m leaving teenagedom and I feel peculiar because I’m still such a child. Are there any manuals around with easy to understand instructions on how to adult? I haven’t graduated university yet and I know it will be much harder when the time comes in the ‘real world’, but I still need nudges in the right direction. Much like ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars season finale, I have some questions which still haven’t been answered ever since I graduated from high school.

Does turning 20 mean I have to be interested in politics? (I should if I want to be a journalist.)

Does turning 20 indicate I have to file my own FAFSA? (I should if I want to learn how to take care of myself for school.)

Does turning 20 make me a person who should follow the wash and handling tags on the clothes I buy? (I should if I want my dress to avoid being ripped to shreds.)

As of right now, I don’t need to worry about that stuff. I’m a teenager for one more day. This means I can lay in bed until noon, gossip about old classmates with my best friend, and stay up until one A.M. writing a blog post.


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