The Peckin’ Purse

The Peckin’ Purse

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Name’s The Thing.”

I never expected to find a rubber chicken as one of my Christmas gifts. The present wasn’t a squeaky gag toy, but something more fashionable. Wait, you might be asking, how can a rubber chicken be fashionable?

This lovely purse was bestowed upon me December 25th, 2012. The quirk of this purse is so insane. It’s a life size rubber rooster in bag form.  Okay, so now you might be thinking, why are you raving about this purse?

Henry, my faux fowl friend, gave me confidence throughout the halls of high school. I was known as ‘that girl with the chicken purse.’ The bag made me famous with classmates and passing kids. If people never noticed me, they sure did then. Henry allowed me to embrace my silly, cute and wacky self as the girl who doodled on her notebooks, could be super shy but also make all of her friends laugh and snort milk out of their noses at the lunch table.

Soon after Henry came into my life, I took a chance at the beginning of senior year and auditioned for my school’s morning news program. I had already been in theater for awhile and thought being an anchor for the show would be no different than reading lines and playing a character. I didn’t get the anchor position, but the teacher saw my exuberance and optimism for the show and asked me to return as the Birthday Girl.

Every school day I would read birthday wishes submitted by students, which cost them a quarter a wish each and generated a tiny income for the TV production program. My bit was at the end of the show, as they always say, saving the best for last. Unlike the anchors, I didn’t have a prompter to read off of. I improvised all of my lines in front of the hundreds of students watching from their classrooms. Occasionally, Henry would make appearances on the show. I’d sing a little song like ” Now it’s time to get to the wishin’,  let’s see what’s in store for the Birthday Chicken!”

The Birthday Girl became fame. A couple of kids asked me to sign their yearbook with the pen name. I never had the amount of confidence I did then my senior year of high school. Everything felt good. I had found my niche.

Henry became a part of me so much I took him to prom with my human best friend T (not pictured) 914090_522171287839022_1756090350_o (2)

I even graduated with him.


Without Henry, I wouldn’t be where I am today – a Broadcast Journalism major, with an internship covering the UCI Road World Championships or a brother of Phi Sigma Pi. So maybe you’re saying to yourself, she probably would have found confidence in herself eventually if she didn’t have the purse.

Maybe, maybe not. But I know I got by with a little help from my fowl friend.


One thought on “The Peckin’ Purse

  1. I have never seen a chicken purse like that! I enjoy reading all the stories you have written and posted. Keep the stories coming! Kay

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