I Never Go Out of Style

I Never Go Out of Style

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

Two of my most stylish factors: Fashion and follicles.

Who's that pokemon?

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August 12th is slowly approaching, and not only is it the day before my driving test, or two days before my birthday, but it’s the day I’ll be last minute packing for school. Shoving dress upon dress into a Duffel bag, along with seven pairs of tights and leggings which could become the perfect OOTD. Extra large T-shirts and mesh shorts will be packed too because a girl has to be comfy when she’s studying for exams. And I definitely can’t forget to bring every pair of shoes I have because I know whatever I leave at home I’ll need for an outfit one day. 


Describing my fashion style is hard. I love vibrant colors, busy patterns and sometimes I vie for a basic grey or green. Plus, I’ll never pass up something with a cute cat. I have a sense of throwing things together and making the outfit work. I’ll wear a maroon dress speckled in a faded rose pattern paired with fur lined plaid winter boots… in the middle of June. Somehow, I make the two garments mesh. For example, a  yellow, shrunken Pierre Cardin vest with a black dress and white cat heads. Excuse my model face. When I feel good, I feel great. 

🌃🐱 posed, but curious

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All throughout middle school and high school I would leave the house with a wet head, fresh from the shower. My hair was almost always down and flowing. Now I’m living “on my own” and am busy with classes, homework and interviews, shooting and editing, and finding time to eat dinner and be involved in my fraternity. I’m doing so much stuff; how do I find the time to sleep? I’ll wake an hour before my 9 AM, which makes me go to bed every night donning my regular ‘do: braids. 

Braids are the perfect hair style for a gal or guy on the go. They look cute and are durable, and thanks to my dad’s genetics, my hair is wonderfully curly when the braids are taken down. 

Stages of Sam’s Hair

  1. Braids for a couple days.
  2. Down and proud, springy shiny hair. Only seen on special occasions. 
  3. Messy bun or ponytail. For studying or gym nights. 


That’s all for now. It’s time to settle down into my bedtime routine: Read a good book, text some good friends and listen to Taylor Swift’s “Style” on repeat. 


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