From the Vault

Before I went into my room for the night, I was looking at old photos on the home computer. I had found four weird pics of when I was a hair model. Okay, it wasn’t anything fancy. But my little sister was begging me to let her dress my hair. Little did I know, she would literally put dresses in my hair. I remember being told to close my eyes and to not open them until she said I could. I didn’t know what she was putting into my hair, but I played along with it and hoped she didn’t have any scissors with her.

A few moments later, she told me to stand and led me out to the living room to show my mom saying “Look Mommy!” I opened my eyes and tried to read my mom’s expression to find a clue as to what my hair had become.

Mom told my sister she liked it a lot and it was very creative.

It was basically a half updo with barbies on both sides of my head, wrapped in hair.

Twice is Nice Barbie Hairstyle.
Twice is Nice Barbie Hairstyle.


IMG_4112It is so strange little sis had this idea of adorning my head in Barbie dolls. I remember her being so proud of her creation. Times like these were back when she played with her Lego sets without reading a manual/guide. Back before she learned of a popular video game called Minecraft, which is a lot like Legos, but she spends so much time on the computer.

I was the same when I was her age, however my addiction was Habbo Hotel, an online video game chatroom website. Night after summer night I would stay up late quietly tapping at the keys and clicking the mouse as to not disturb my father who was snoozing close by.

I don’t want to reprimand her because she is on the computer all the time and listens to her music loud enough to the point I have to yell so she can hear me; I was in the same place. I just wish I could send her the message I regret wasting so much time on a pointless game when I could be spending time with my family.

We need more time to make Barbie hairstyles.

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