In Need of Pancakes

It’s an odd feeling when you realize the past few days have just blended together. I wake up at 10 am on average, sometimes at 8 am or 12 pm. But I know there are more things I could be doing with my life. Granted I’m at home without a car or license, so I can’t drive anywhere. And my best friend is out of town and all of my other friends are either working or live in Northern Virginia. So what can I do?

I should live my days more like I did in my pancake post. I keep sleeping in and staying up late.  Could someone lend me a few tips on how to utilize the day?

I like blogging however my journalism professor says it ruins credibility. This is everything for a journalist. If you can’t be trusted, who is going to listen to you?

But I like doing this writing thing. I don’t know how many people read this itty bitty blog but each star and view I get  makes my happy heart flutter c:

Sometimes when I write I think:

Should I really post this? Will it come back to haunt me somehow?

But then I think:

No one will pay attention to my ramblings. 

I don’t really know what this post was about. Just my random thoughts at 1:24 in the morning while listening to my Sleep Station on Pandora and trying to beat level 29 in Candy Crush Saga which is by the way impossible (my mom is on level 800+.)

Along with the tips on living my day to the fullest, can someone give me tips on this impossible game?


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