Fur Five Years

Five years ago today I joined WordPress.com. Five years ago I was a sophomore in high school. Five years ago my family adopted two cats, newly named Dodger and Olive, who were from the same litter. One year later I started a blog about the two siblings called Two Tails.

I guess I got bored writing about my cats all day because I only made one post.

One year ago my cat, Olive, was found dead in a ditch in the middle of the night during a search by my little sister. My family buried the four year old cat on the corner of our property in the back. They made a little memorial and put a rock shaped like a heart my dad had found in the center. I didn’t know of the incident until a couple weeks later after I finished my freshman year at VCU. I try to plant new flowers now and then to give the spot some life.  

Planted new flowers and dug up some clay. 🌷🌹🌿

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I have never written about my loss but times like this during an indiscreet summer is when I need a furry buddy who just accepts me and loves to be around me.

The house isn’t entirely fur free. Her brother Dodger is still around making everyone smile. He has a high tolerance for people who like to play with him, yet he is impatient when the smell of deli meat arises or when he wants to go outside, meowing incessantly. However, he has a weird panting problem that happens when he is overheated or suddenly shocked from loud noises. These weird little quirks make me nervous for him. His death will hit the family much harder than Olive’s did. Nonetheless, it will be such a sad day when he passes.

I wish my cat was still alive. She was a cute and plump brown gray tabby with a little pink nose who was introverted but a great hunter who would snuggle under the blankets with me and hop on my lap and knead my knees when she wanted attention.

As good as it gets. #cat #hashtag #Fridaynight

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Some years ago, Olive would have been five and I’m sitting here wondering why she was taken too soon.

Kissing:the best kind #vscocam #vscocat

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