From My Queen Sized Bed; Part deux

Hello world and all who inhabit it – I have returned to the blogosphere.

Spring 2015 classes are over which means final exams have been taken and summer has begun. I ended the semester with all As and one B, and I’m pretty stoked.

My family picked me up May 7th and I’ve been home ever since. The big summer destination this year is Martha’s Vineyard and to prepare myself physically and mentally for this I am challenging myself through exercise challenges to get the beach bod I always wanted – sunburned (just kidding.) I am taking mapmywalk’s 30/30 challenge, the goal being to complete 30 miles in 30 days and the Neutrogena #PushFurther challenge, giving four weeks of different exercise challenges. I have also downloaded an app 30 Day Fitness which is just like the title says, 30 days of fitness. I have chosen the Abs challenge and although I think I have pulled a muscle somewhere in my abdomen, I don’t regret doing the challenge and am going strong on day four.

Even if I don’t get the BB I want, I am excited to go back to The Rock itself. It is a beautiful place and I’ll take my kids there for summer vacation too one day.

I have completed my second year of university and it feels like I just graduated high school. But yesterday when I went to my little sister’s 7th grade award ceremony, I felt old. As I sat on the bleachers of grannies, parents and toddlers, it was then when I realized I belong to a new block in my life as a quasi adult. Old enough to sit on the bleachers and watch my sister get an award and transitioning to eighth grade, yet I’m still younger than most of my friends at VCU who are turning 21 and going to clubs and I can’t because I’m only 19. In a way I feel like I can still relate to my little sister’s friends who are now ‘tweens but I can also understand and relate to my parents better than I could when I was younger.

19 is such an awkward age. Maybe I should become more mature and start filing my own taxes and learning how to make Chicken Parmesan. Or maybe I could just ride the Flying Horses carousel ten times and figure it all out later.

and now I bid adieu, from my queen sized bed.


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