The Three B’s

After a week of wallowing in the past, I can only look forward to the weekend and the new semester, which both start in a few days. I’m having a girls night with my BFF Taylor while we root for our favorite local band Perfect Slight composed of Taylor’s brother’s best friends. Taylor and I even made T-shirts two summers ago and we wore them to PS’s gig and to Kings Dominion several times. We created the first merchandise and always joke if the band becomes very serious and famous, we claim rights to the T-shirt design if they try to sell them. After the concert, I’ll sleepover her house (it’s been so long) and we’ll crash for the night. My mom will pick me up in the morning and we will head to VCU to buy books, supplies and a digital voice recorder for my Audio and Video class.

The Three B's: Brothers, Besties and the Bachelor.
The Three B’s: Brothers, Besties and the Bachelor. Credits to Shayla Kelly for the PSP design.

I am psyched for the new school spring season. New classmates, potential friends. New classes, potential faves. Who could forget new initiates, potential brothers for Phi Sigma Pi? I think this semester will be the one where I dominate. I don’t have anyone to drag me down. I have Brothers, Best friends and the Bachelor. What more could a girl want?


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