Skeleton in the Closet

A little humor for my kinda depressing post.
A little truthy humor for my kinda depressing post.

I feel like I’m being haunted by my ex. He isn’t dead but our relationship sure is. I ended it so quickly it was like getting your shots. You know what’s about to happen yet you go through with it because despite the pain you’re going to feel, it’s best in the long run to keep you from getting sick again. Is love just one sickness after another?

I see him everywhere. He was here twice for about two weeks in total and we went to all of my favorite spots that are now stained with memories of him. I wonder if this happens to him; if it does, it’s not the same as me. I didn’t go to Canada. Any memories he has of me are all technology based which is avoidable. He also had a box of mementos in his closet from various activities and dates we had and letters we wrote over the summer. I wonder if it’s still in there or if he’s thrown it out by now.

I don’t like talking about how I think of him now and then, mainly because I want to forget. But how can I when everything around me was a shared experience? Inside jokes down the drain. Places ruined. Songs destroyed.

It’s my shameful secret. It’s my skeleton in the closet. I wonder if he still has that box of memories in his closet too.


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