School for Sash, Day of Play for Sammay

Today felt like any other day when you’re on winter break. I was snuggled in on the couch with my Sailor Moon blanket playing Pokemon Omega Ruby and watching The Walking Dead. I managed to almost watch two whole seasons in 24 hours – it was the biggest achievement of the day. Plus, I caught like, 13 new Pokemon today. That is a record.

I tried painting a card for my cousin’s wedding, but each time I tried it just wasn’t right. I’ll try again tomorrow.

The little sister starts school again tomorrow morning. She dreads school, loathes one of her teachers and all of the drama in school. I can’t think of any painful ‘dramas’ that happened in 8th grade that would make me hate school as much as my sister does. She claims there are bullies and mean girls; wonder who the Regina George is? My family and I keep telling her just one more year of middle school and then you’re officially in high school. Our county had a new school built two years ago which put the 8th graders into the mix of freshman to seniors. I wonder if the 8th graders have any term to classify them other than what grade they are. Maybe it’s freshmeat.

Either way, I think she’ll like 8th grade better than 7th. I was in theatre in high school, in every play since sophomore year. I hope she gets into all of the theatre classes with my teacher/director. Some advice that I heard from him all the time that I want to pass on to you Sash: PROJECT.

One more piece of advice: Just get through these last few months. You’re halfway there. Then you’ll be involved in the right type of drama… classes that is.


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